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The Note icon By using Breakout rooms we can:

  • Introduce elements of co-creation, collaboration and team building.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this guide you should know;

  • how to move students and colleagues into a Breakout room and back to the Main room.


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How to

1. Having joined a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session, click on the Open Collaborate panel button and Share Content.

Clicking Share Content

2. Click on Breakout Groups.

Clicking on Breakout Groups

3. Click the three dots next to a Moderator (colleague) or Participant (student).

Selecting a Moderator or Participant

4. Click the Breakout Group to which you want to assign the person.

Assigning a Breakout Group

5. With the Moderators and Participants assigned, click Start.

Starting the Breakout Groups

6. To move people between Breakout rooms, click the three dots, select the next room and click Update.

Moving people between rooms

7. To stop the Breakout rooms and bring everyone back to the Main room, click End Breakout Groups.

Ending the Breakout rooms