This section will help you to create a deliver a Blackboard Test using Proctorio for remotely proctoring tests and exams.

Before using Proctorio, please consult your Faculty ELT Project Officer.

To use Proctorio, you need to use Google Chrome and install the Proctorio Chrome Extension.

Creating a Bb Test using Proctorio

Proctorio is integrated into Blackboard and can only be used when delivering a Bb Test. Please ensure you are familiar with creating and delivering a Bb Test using the resources here.

1. Create your Bb Test in your module or programme shell.

2. You now need to enable Proctorio on your Bb shell by adding the LTI plugin. Go to any content area, Build Content > Secure Exam Proctor.

3. On the next screen, ensure you name this as ‘Secure Exam Proctor’. This exact wording is required for it to work effectively.

4. This will create the LTI plugin on the Bb shell. Click on this link.

5. After clicking on it, the plugin will be installed on the Bb shell. Navigate back to the module shell. You can delete this plugin link, or hide it from students.

6. Navigate to your Bb Test you wish to use Proctorio with. Click the downward arrow next to it and click ‘Edit the Test Options’.

7. Edit the Test settings as you require. Towards the bottom of the screen, you will see it can be enabled for Remote Proctoring. Ensure you check this box.

8. Set the Proctorio settings as you require.

9. For a standard proctored exam, it is recommended to use the following key options:

Record Video / Audio / Screen / Web Traffic

Verify Video

Lock Down One Screen

10. On theBb test setting you will need to ensure a timer is used, so please set this accordingly.

11. Proctorio requires ownership of the Password for a Bb Test, so please do not edit this. No password is required by students.

12. When you have (a) created your Bb test, (b) installed the LTI plugin and (c) edited the test settings to ensure it is remotely proctored, you are ready to deliver this to students.

13. To access data from the proctored exam, go to the Grade Centre and find the column for the exam/test.

Click the ‘View Proctorio Gradebook’ link to access the Proctorio data.


Guidance for Instructors

  • It is recommended to give students unlimited test attempts to ensure they can re-enter a Bb Test using Proctorio.
  • Should students have issues accessing Proctorio, ensure they are using Chrome and have the Proctorio Extension installed.
  • Should students report they are being asked for a password, try clicking on the Secure Exam Proctor link (Step 4 above) to reconnect the LTI plugin.


Additional Help

  • Student help information for accessing and taking a proctored Bb test using Proctorio is here.
  • More guidance on using Proctorio, including System Requirements is here.