The Digital Learning and Teaching team (formerly CELT) provide training to enhance your use of the various learning technologies available at DMU via a number of different routes.

A model of the learning technologies and services for which Digital Learning and Teaching provide pedagogical and practical support.

A resume of approaches to teaching and the recommended technologies available to support them.

This page will give you access to an array of different remote teaching resources available as text, video and downloadable documents.

If you have questions after using the multi-modal resources provided on this page:

Please contact your Faculty Digital Learning and Teaching Consultant using the details at this link.

Preparing recorded and nonconcurrent (asynchronous) teaching sessions.

DMU ReplayProviding a recorded online teaching session using DMU Replay.

The attendance icon Obtaining an attendance list from DMU Replay.

BlackboardSetup and use a Discussion Forum in Blackboard.

BlackboardSetup and use a Wiki in Blackboard.

Preparing and delivering live (synchronous) teaching sessions.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra  Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (or recordings) will not be available for synchronous sessions after 30th June 2021. We have guidance to support your removal of any useful Blackboard Collaborate recordings and transfer to DMU Replay.

Teams icon Providing live (synchronous) online teaching using Microsoft Teams.

The managing icon Managing Class Teams synchronous sessions. Includes creating a group in Blackboard to create a Microsoft Class Team.

The attendance icon Click here to see the student guidance on registering attendance at online sessions.

The YourDMULabs icon Using the virtual computers and desktop during synchronous sessions

It is recommended that the Microsoft Teams Live Event option is only used for running meetings and conferences, not for teaching sessions.


Blackboard Module shell preparation 2021-22


Create and finalize your Blackboard module ‘Welcome’ page and left-hand menu.

Click here for information about Blackboard Module shell preparation 2021-22.


Blackboard Assessments, Tests and Exams.


Set up a practice online exam for your students using Blackboard tests.

Click here for information about how to setup your practice exam.



Setting up and managing an online exam using a Blackboard Test.

Click here to see how to set up and manage an online exam using a Blackboard Test.

Click here to see how to create Blackboard Groups and manage students who require extra time and stop the clock breaks when taking online exams.


BlackboardBlackboard offers a range of assessment tools that can be used with distance learners.

Click here for information about how to setup and use the Blackboard Assessment tools.


BlackboardBlackboard has the functionality to deliver formative online tests.

Click here for information about how to setup and use an online Test in Blackboard.


BlackboardDigital exams using Blackboard tests, Microsoft Office suite for online examinations, options and observations.

Click here for information about using learning technologies for digital examinations.

Managing large cohorts in a Blackboard module shell.

The Groups function in Blackboard can be used to disseminate teaching, learning and assessment content to specific groups of students within a module.  They can be used to facilitate online group work, to align particular instructors with particular groups of students, and to allow specific groups to access specific content relevant to their group only.

Follow this link to visit our guides about the use of Groups in Blackboard.

Recording Blackboard Collaborate, Microsoft Teams meetings and Microsoft Teams Live events.

If using the record function in Blackboard Collaborate, in order to satisfy GDPR it is essential that you follow the Data protection dos and don’ts for synchronous and asynchronous recording

Click here to access the DMU Recording policy

Your DMU Labs – remote access for students

New for this academic year, DMU has introduced Your DMU Labs, a service to allow students to securely access the resources they need remotely from home.

The YourDMULabs icon Physical PCs in labs and open access spaces on campus that are used for face to face teaching can now be accessed remotely.
Accessing the virtual computers and desktop


Remote Teaching – Frequently Asked Questions.