organisationThe CELT will work on Faculty and institutional projects, in partnership with other teams from ITMS, Library and Learning Services and APDU, in order to lead innovation and support staff in their use of technologies in the curriculum.

The ELT POs working with faculties will:

  • co-ordinate their respective Faculty’s approach to the academic implementation of core ELT systems;
  • provide support for staff on the use of arranged and recommended systems;
  • contribute to the Faculty Learning, Teaching and Assessment plan, in-line with the University ULTAS;
  • liaise with, and co-ordinate the work of, Faculty ELT Champions, in order to deliver appropriate dissemination and professional development;
  • report to the Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee and Head of CELT on progress;
  • work with the CELT to develop relevant protocols and processes;
  • act as a hub for communication between and within faculties for the dissemination of good practice, and information about our systems and protocols;
  • identify wider educational development issues relating to the use of technologies, for themselves, and both academic and non-academic faculty staff; and
  • act as the primary point-of-contact for ELT within their faculty.
Within faculties, academic ELT Champions will:
  • act as a primary contact for academic colleagues in their School/Department, to facilitate give support/advice/encouragement on developing ELT;
  • liaise with, support and report to the Faculty ELT PO, in order to deliver appropriate dissemination and professional development;
  • implement the University’s ELT approach at School/Department level;
  • monitor and evaluate ELT activities in their School/Department;
  • keep abreast of new developments in e-Learning, in particular read/write web [Web 2.0], and of funding opportunities for such activities;
  • act as an exemplar in the use of ELT in their own teaching;
  • in conjunction with the other School/Department Champions and the Faculty ELT PO, organise dissemination and development events, which publicise good practice;
  • help the Faculty ELT PO advise the Faculty and University on ELT matters; and
  • attend University-wide ELT Champions’ meetings as they arise.

The CELT will also work with professional services’ teams to implement relevant technologies and services in order to support DMU as a learning organisation.

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