Blackboard offers a range of mobile apps designed specifically for staff and student use.

Note these latest apps replace the previous mobile app ‘Blackboard Mobile Learn’ – support for this ended 31st August 2017 and have been replaced with a Blackboard instructor app for staff and Blackboard app for students. 

Staff – Blackboard Instructor app [iOS | Android]

The Blackboard Instructor app allows you to:

  • Quickly preview assessments and course content
  • Send Course Announcements
  • Create Discussion board threads and reply to comments

Find out more about supported Blackboard Course Content and Features in the Blackboard Instructor app

To discover more watch the video below:


Further Blackboard Information:

Supported Mobile Devices

Create Mobile Friendly Content

Supported File Types in the app

Supported HTML in the app

See what the student sees – get Blackboard app

importantPlease Note: Depending on your mobile phone tariff, you may get charges on your mobile bill for data. If you are unsure about your tariff and charges, we recommend speaking to your mobile phone network before installing. Blackboard Mobile is provided on a “use at your own risk” basis. 

It’s useful to know about the available Blackboard app for students so you can appreciate what is available to students, read more further  below.

Student – Blackboard app [iOS | Android | Windows Phone]

The Blackboard app designed for students allows for quick access and provides basic functionality to:

  • View updates to course content
  • Take Blackboard assignments (not Turnitin) and tests
  • View grades for Blackboard created assignment (not Turnitin) and tests

To discover more about the student view watch the video below:

Students – Blackboard Lite

Under the student portal ‘MyDMU’ all students have access to ‘Blackboard Lite’ – this is quick access to Blackboard announcements, module content and Blackboard communities. Note students can’t submit assignments and view DMU Replay videos using this access link, though a link to Blackboard’s home page is provided to access a modules full features in Blackboard.