It is possible to change the home page and header banner.

To access the tools for editing these:
1. In the Course Management/Control Panel menu select Customisation
2. Select Teaching Style

From the page that opens, you can do the following:

Set your course entry point
The default home/landing page for all Blackboard courses is set as the Announcements page. It is possible to change the home/landing page for your Blackboard course – that is the page that students first arrive on when they access your course.

Add a banner to my course entry page
You may add an image of your choice to the banner area of your course home/landing page.

Set the course entry point

Use the dropdown menu to select the home/landing page for your course. Then click the Submit button.

course entry point

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Add a banner to your course entry page

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is recommended that the maximum dimensions of your banner image are: Width 950 pixels | Height 80 pixels

Click the Browse My Computer button to locate the banner image that you want to add to your course entry page. Click Submit.

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