The Syllabus creator is a specialised tool to organise teaching and learning content within a syllabus/lesson unit structure. Following these steps, you can begin using the Blackboard Syllabus builder.

How to create a Syllabus in a Content area

1. Click on desired Content Areas (Syllabus, Course Documents, Assignments, etc…).

2. Hover over Build Content and click Syllabus.


3. Type in the name of the Syllabus.

4. Choose to Create New Syllabus or simply choose Use Existing File (here you can simply upload an existing syllabus) and skip the Blackboard Syllabus builder. For now, we will assume that we are creating a new syllabus.newaddsyllabus

5. Creating a new syllabus will allow you to use the Syllabus Builder tool to create a Syllabus online from a template. The Syllabus Builder provides a set of three text boxes and editable headings to organize information. You can type in a name, a heading, and add text.


6. Choose the Syllabus design according to your preferences. You can always go back and change it later.


7. You can specify the number of lessons sessions if you wish, these include descriptions, dates and times. If you wish to add lesson details enter the number of lessons within the Syllabus. Or you can choose not to have lesson plans.


8. Complete the standard options on availability, tracking views and date restictions


9. Click on the Submit button.

The Syllabus will appear in your content area. If you have specified lessons, the lessons will appear.

If you wish to edit the syllabus select the 'Edit Syllabus button on the top right.

You can add and further lessons.


10. To edit a lesson and add details, hover over the lesson and select down arrow which opens the options menu, and select 'Edit'


11. Enter a title, it's not necessary to add the lesson date and time. Enter a lesson description.

12. Click Submit when you have completed your lesson. You can do this for all the specified lessons that you have created.