The Create Image feature allows you to add image content to your course site (such as photos or graphics).

Using images in Blackboard has copyright ramifications. For more info about copyright see:

To add an image item to a Content Area

1. Navigate to the Content Area in which you want to add an image

2. From the Build Content menu select Image

create image

3. You will then be presented with a page on which there are several sections/options.

Section 1

create image
a) Use the Find File Browse buttons to locate the image that you want to add to your page.

Browse My Computer – Browse your computer and select a file.

Browse Course – Attach a file that has previously been uploaded to your course. More information on Course Files

b) Give the file a Name.

c) Accessibility guidelines require all images (unless they are purely decorative) to include a written description of what the image shows. This is for visually impaired users who use screen reader assistive technology to describe visual content that appears on computer screens. Add the image description to the Alt Text area.

d) You are not required to provide a long description of the image.

Section 2

image options
a) Select the Dimensions of the image (original or custom – set width and height).

b) Choose to have a Border of a specific thickness around the image.

c) You can add an Image Target URL link to the image – which means that when the image is clicked the user will be taken to the specified web URL.

d) You can set the image to Open in New Window

e) You can ignore Add alignment to content

4. Preview the Image item, and when ready click Submit to create the Image item