The Create a Course Link feature allows you to link to any specific content area, folder or item (including documents or other media files) that appears in your course, from any other course area or content folder in your course: providing quick, direct access to relevant materials and tools without students having to navigate to them via the main Course Area menu.

Adding a Course Link to a content area

1. Click on desired a Content Area in your course menu (i.e. Course Documents, Assignments, etc…).

2. Hover over the Build Content button and click on Course Link.


3. To select the course link, click the Browse button,


this will open the course map in a new window. The course map lists all of the content folders and items that are in your course.

4. Click on the plus sign [+] next to the content folder that you wish to open within the course map window – opening (unpacking) a folder in this way will reveal all of the items that are contained within the folder.


5. Click on the name of the desired item or folder that you wish to link to.

6. Type a Name for the Course Link and enter a description for the link in the Text box:


7. You can set further options


8. Click the Submit button when you have finished.


Q: Can I link to the email feature from the Content Areas?
A: No, you can only link to items or course folders that appear in the course map.

Q: If I create a course link, is the item or content folder removed from the original location?
A: No, the feature simply creates a link to the item or folder. The item/folder stays in its original location.

Q: Can I link to an entire folder or does it have to be an individual file?
A: You can link to anything that appears within the course map; this includes folders as well as documents and other media files.