The Create Content Folder feature allows you to create folders which help you organize and sort your course content. Folders make it easier for students to find learning materials by limiting the amount of scrolling they need to do and by labeling specific content areas. There are two main ways of using folders to organize your material; content-based and chronological.

An example of content-based organization is creating a folder for all your lecture notes, another for readings, a third for PowerPoint presentations, etc.

An example of chronological is to create a folder for all Week One materials, another for Week Two, etc.

Note: Learning materials (items, documents, etc.) will need to be added into each folder. Although items cannot be dragged and dropped from other areas of Blackboard, they can be copied between areas or courses. [tell me how?]

Create a Content Folder

1. Click on a desired Content Area (i.e Course Documents, Assignments, etc…).
2. Hover over the Build Content button and click on Content Folder.


contentfolder3. Enter a name for the folder into the Name field.
4. Type a description of the folder contents into the Text field.

5. Set your options for your folder as appropriate under 'Standard Options'

6. Click the Submit button. Your folder is created.


Q: I have created folders but when my students click on them they get a message saying Folder Empty. Why are my students receiving this message?
A: This is a common problem due to the way Blackboard creates folders. Instructors frequently place the material in the folder description area, instead of actually in the folder. Make sure that you use the text field shown when creating your folder for just the folder description. You will know you are inside the folder when the heading says Location: folder name.

Q: Can I change the order of my folders?
A: Yes, Blackboard allows you to rearrange any of the folders or documents after they have been created. You simply click and drag the arrow to the left of the folder name.

Q: Can I add folders in other folders?
A: Yes, once inside a folder you can choose to add additional folders (creating a folder within folder structure).