The Create Audio feature allows you to add audio content to your course site. Audio files come in a variety of formats and will spawn a compatible player based on the user’s computer system. The most popular audio file extensions are: .aiff, .mp3, .wav, .m4a, .aac

To add an audio file item to a Content Area

1. Navigate to the Content Area in which you want to add an audio file

2. From the Build Content menu click Audio
add audio

3. You will then be presented with a page on which there are several sections/options.

Section 1.

add audio
a) Use the Browse buttons to locate the Audio File that you want to add to your page

Browse My Computer – Browse your computer and select a file.

Browse Course Files – Attach a file that has previously been uploaded to your course. More information on Course Files

b) Give the file a Name.

Section 2.

add audio
– You can set the Audio file to start playing [Autostart] as soon as the user arrives on the page.
– You can set the Audio file to automatically play again when it reaches the end [Loop].
– Add Alignment to Content can be ignored.
– Accessibility guidelines require audio content to include a written transcript. Use the Include Transcript Browse button to attach the transcript file [this can be any document format that is recognised by Blackboard].

4. Preview the audio item, and when ready click Submit to create the Audio item