The Lesson Plan function provides a new type of content container (similar to a folder) that has a tabbed format to add different content items. This feature allows students to view content with a lesson profile and instructional objectives.

The Lesson Plan feature enables you to create a structured unit plan with distinct and customizable sections that provide a means of documenting information such as description, learning level, delivery instructions, and so on. Lesson Plans also include content designed for an individual unit using any type of content or tool enabled in the Course.

As a planning tool, the Lesson Plan feature will benefit Instructors by allowing them to centrally plan and consolidate materials and resources.

Creating Customized Lesson Plans

Each section of a Lesson Plan can be individually renamed and reorganized.

Controlling Visibility

The Lesson Plan feature enables Instructors to select which Lesson Plan sections are visible to Students. This enables Instructors to include non-Student-facing instructional information (such as instructions for delivery in the classroom, comments, suggestions for use, and so on) in the Lesson Plan while also including Student-facing information (such as learning objectives, materials needed, Student team assignments, and so on). In effect, Lesson Plans provide a planning tool for you as a tutor as well as a tool for organizing Student-facing instructional materials.

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