essential_readingAn introduction to working with content

Adding basic content to your Blackboard course
About the Content Editor in Blackboard – detailed guidance about Blackboard’s Content Editor
Create a Content Folder – Create a folder into which you can add content (folders are a good way of structuring content)
Create an Item – add an individual item of content to a content area/content folder
Create a File – create a direct link to a file in your course (such as a document, PDF, image, photo, html page)
Create Audio – upload and add an audio file to a content area
Create Image – upload and add an image or photo to a content area
Create a Web Link – add a link to an external website to a content area
Create a Course Link – add a direct link to a content area or item of content in your course
Copy or Move an Item – copy an item from one module course shell to another

Adding organised and structured collections of content to your Blackboard course
Create Learning Module – create an organized collection of content that students can move through on a structured path
Create Lesson Plans – a specialised tool to create a structured unit driven lesson plan with distinct and customizable sections
Create Syllabus – a specialised tool to organise content within a syllabus/lesson unit structure

Adding multimedia to your Blackboard course
Create Audio – upload and add an audio file to a content area
Create Image – upload and add an image or photo to a content area
Create Mashups – integrate multimedia learning content (video from YouTube and images/photos from Flickr) into a course page
Embed Video from the DMU Replay (Panopto) media server – add videos stored in the DMU media server to a course page
Embed a Website into a Course Page – add a basic website to your course
Using and Managing Course Files – All files (documents, PDF, images, audio) that are added to your course are contained in the course files folder. This section is a must read if you upload zipped packages to your Blackboard module.

Creating assessments in your Blackboard course
Create a Test – add a test or quiz to your course
Create a Survey – create a survey in your course
Create an Assignment – create an assignment/assessment in a content area which allows students to upload, save and place their assignments into the Grade Center.
Create a Self/Peer Assessment – create an area in which students can assess their own and/or each others work

Turnitin_Staff_Guide_August 2012 Create a Turnitin Assignment in Blackboard

Controlling access to materials in your Blackboard course
Using Adaptive Release – a function through which to release content to users based on a set of rules provided by the Instructor

Viewing your course from the Student’s perspective
Student Preview Mode – allows a module instructor to view and interact with the module shell as if they are a student