The Journal tool and the Blog tool are very similar. The Blog tool is a public discussion whereas the Journal tool allows the instructor and the student to communicate privately. The student can post messages to the instructor and the instructor can then comment back. If you wish, the journal can be made public but it does not allow other students to comment. Video Tutorial

Creating a Journal:

With Edit Mode On:

  1. You can create a Jounal in any Content Area. Select Journal from the Tools drop-down list. 
    creating a Journal
  2. Click on the Create Journal button.
  3. Fill in the Name and instructions for the journal. Choose to make the journal available.


    journal information page

  4. Set the journal availability. Choose how you want the journal to organized. By checking the box next to Permit Course Users to View Journal, you will change the journals from being private to being public. If you plan on checking this box, you may want to consider using blogs.


    journal information continued.



  5. If you wish to grade the journal select the Grade radio button and enter the points possible otherwise leave the default 'No Marking'
  6. Click the Submit button. Once you're journal is created you have to link to the journal so that it is available to use.
  7. In the 'Create Link: Journal' page you wil be prompted to do this. If you Cancel from this view you're journal is still created but you will still need to create a link to it in a content area to be accessible. To do this, in Edit Mode, go to the desired content area you desire to add your blog.
  8. In the 'Create Link: Journal' page with your journal highlighted in the list box, click Next.
  9. Add some useful information to your student(s) about the journal, you can change the default name and add some descriptive text.



    Set the Options:

    Available: Set this to Yes if you want your blog available.

    Track Views: Set the tracking if you want to monitor access.

    Date Restrictions: Set the date restrictions.

  10. Click Submit.

Commenting on a Journal:

With Edit Mode On:

  1. Under the Control Panel, on the bottom left side of the page, click on Course Tools and then click on Journals.
    journals link
  2. Click on the name of the journal you wish to add a comment to.
  3. Click on the Create Journal Entry button to add a brand new entry.
  4. Or click on the name of the student you would like to comment on, under the menu on the right side of the page.
  5. Then Click on Comment next to the post you wish to comment on.
  6. If you chose to add an entry… Fill in the required fields and then click on Post Entry. If you chose to add a comment… Type in your comment and then click on Add.

Viewing Entries & Grading

Once you're journal is created you can monitor the number of posts created by users as well as provide grading and feedback.

To do this:

1. Select the journal you wish to monitor. In the jounal view you are given a number of options:

In the 'More Journals'' header you can view the listed members who have a journal as well as toggle the button 'Show Empty Journals'; this will display those members who have not posted any entries in their journals. You will be able to toggle this button.

2. Select a member who has entries, to grade entries select the 'Edit Grade' button, you can enter a grade, provide student feedback as well as any notes for you as an instructor. This grade gets recored in the grade center and if 'My Grades' tool is available for students they can view their grade and feedback.

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