Discussion Board – A discussion board is an asynchronous communication that can facilitate course or group discussions in a Blackboard course.

Create a discussion board forum

Create a discussion board thread

How to set grading on discussion forums and threads

Rating a discussion board thread

Groups in Blackboard

Students in your Blackboard course can be assigned to groups. Within a group certain Blackboard tools can be enabled for the group as well as permitting access to certain content.

How to Create Groups

Create Self-Enroll Group (creates a sign-up sheet): Single/Group Set

Create Manual Enroll (no sign-up sheet): Single/Group Set

Create Group Set: Random Enroll (let Blackboard sort the group members)

How to restrict access to content by group

Social Networking
Blackboard has built–in social media tools, namely blogs, wikis and journals.

Introduction to Blogs, Journals & Wikis in Blackboard

Blackboard Blogs – What is a Blackboard blog? Creating a Blackboard blog and the different types (course, individual & groups)

Creating a blog

Creating & editing blog entries

Blackboard Wikis

Blackboard Wikis – What is a Blackboard wiki? Creating a wiki and how to monitor student participation.

Blackboard Journals

Blackboard Journals – What is a Blackboard journal?

NB: Please ignore the option ‘Alignments‘ that you may come across in Blackboard Blogs, Wikis and Journals.