It is possible to Copy or Move a Blackboard content item from one course to another.
Any files that are attached to the Item or are embedded in the Item (such as images, video, PDF, word documents) will be copied/moved to the course files area in the destination course.

Important note: The Move function deletes the item from the course in which it originally exists. Whereas the Copy function creates a duplicate of the item which gets placed the destination course whilst leaving the original item in its original location.

Turnitin submission links and DMU Replay recording links should not be copied or moved into different modules as they will not work.

To Copy or Move items from one course to another you must be enrolled as an Instructor on both courses.

To Copy an item:

1. Navigate to the item that you wish to copy and open the item edit window by clicking the down arrow icon next to the name of the item


2. Select Copy from the dropdown menu


3. In the page that opens, check that the correct item has been selected.


4. In section 2 – select a destination course for the item by clicking the double arrow icon next to the Destination Course window and choosing a course from the dropdown menu list


5. Select a Destination Folder in the Destination Course by clicking the Browse button next to the Destination Folder window (above) and selecting the folder from the menu that opens in a new popup window (below). E.g. Content.

select location

Click Submit and the Item will be copied into the specified Folder for the specified Course

NOTE: Some items, such as Tests, Assignments, and third-party content, cannot be copied.

To Move an item:

Moving an Item from one course to another follows the same procedure as the Copy function.
Begin the process by selecting Move from the dropdown menu next to the item you wish to move.

move item

REMEMBER: Moving content deletes the content from the original location

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