Further Course Tools:

Course Calendar – Instructors can you the course calendar to add important course related events in a Blackboard which all members can view

Create Glossary – Create a glossary of terms to add to your Blackboard module

Tasks – The Tasks page organizes tasks, defines task priority, and tracks task status. A user can create tasks and post them to the Tasks page. Each user can post personal tasks to their own page.

List all Users in a Course  – This feature allows instructors to view all users on a Blackboard module

Perform Copy Course – The Course Copy feature copies course materials from one course site to another.

Export/Archive Course– You have the ability to export or archive your Blackboad module

Import Course Package – Import course materials that have previously been exported or archived navigate to the course into which you want to import the materials.

Check Course Links – This tool checks for broken links to items in a Course.

Bulk Delete – Bulk Delete is a feature in 'Package & Utilities' which deletes selected Course Content and data from a Course so that the Course ID and default settings can be reused. Please do not use this feature.