The Course Reports feature allows instructors to view the overall usage, usage in specific content areas, usage by specific groups, and usage within discussion forums of a particular course. You can search the list of reports based on keywords in the names or descriptions to find the report that generates the information you need.

The Course Reports area can be accessed via the Control Panel menu in your Course Management section by clicking Evaluation and selecting Course Reports from the dropdown menu

There are multiple usage reports that can be run:

All User Activity inside Content Areas
– displays a summary of all user activity inside Content Areas for the course.
Course Activity Overview
– displays overall activity within a single course, sorted by student and date. Data includes the total and average time spent per user and the total amount of activity the user had in the course.
Course Performance
– displays information showing how a single Blackboard Learn Course performs against a selected set of goals. Performance targets and a range of acceptable performance for the course can be determined when running the report. Data includes averages for the entire course as well as break downs for individual students and goals.
Overall Summary of User Activity
– displays user activity for all areas of the course, as well as activity dates, times and days of the week.
Student Overview for Single Course
– displays an individual student's activity within a course, sorted by date. Data includes the total overall time the student spent in the course as well as detailed information about the student's activity, such as which items and Content Areas the student accessed and the time spent on each.
User Activity in Forums
– displays a summary of user activity in Discussion Board Forums for the course.
User Activity in Groups
– displays a summary of user activity in Groups for the course.

To run a report (the same process applies to all of the reports):

1. click the down arrow next to the required report and select Run from the dropdown menu
2. Select the specifications for the report.
Select Format – this can be PDF, HTML, Excel, or Word.
Select a usage period over which to run the report using the Start Date and End Date settings.
Select Users for whom you want to see the usage data.
3. Click Submit to generate the report

4. A Please Wait message will appear whilst your report is processed

5. A window indicating a successful report run will open, from which you can download the report in the format that you selected, and save it to your local computer.

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