When using either the Blackboard assessment tools or other third party tools for formative or summative assessment, it is important that the My Marks tool is enabled as this is the space in which the students will see their grades and feedback that may have been administered via the Grade Centre.

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Text version

1. Hover over the Add new menu item icon (+) and select ‘Tool Link’

image of tool link

2. In the ‘Type’ dropdown select ‘My Marks’

image of my marks tool

Note: it is important that you give the link a meaningful Name – although the Blackboard name for this link is ‘My Marks’ you can name the area anything

Note: to make the link visible to students, you will need to check the ‘Available to Users’ box but you may not wish this area to be available until there is grade information populated

image of make available to users checkbox

3. Click the ‘Submit’ button

The Submit button

The new link to the My Marks area for students will now appear at the bottom of the main navigation – this can be moved around by re-ordering the navigation menu.

image of my marks link

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