The Create Assignment feature allows you to create an assignment in any Content Area of your course. It allows your students to submit assignments in an electronic format. When an assignment is created in your course it automatically adds an area in your online Grade Center where all student submissions are saved/stored and from which you can access submitted assignments to review/mark and enter grades for them.

To add an assignment to a content area:

1. Enter the Content Area into which you want to add the assignment information and submission link

2. Hover over the Assessment button and click Assignment.

3. Enter the assignment’s name and add instructions.

Assignment information

a) attach any files that you want the student to use for the assignment
b) input how many points you want this assignment to be worth (this is a ‘required’ element)
c) you can ignore the Associated Rubrics section
d) select the availability of this assignment.

Note: The Assignment Submission tool will interface with the Blackboard Grade Centre and automatically create a column in the Grade Centre. In the scenario where you will be using the column as part of the Weighted Total calculation it is imperative that the ‘Points Possible’ field is accurately populated. If not, should you wish to include the grade in the Grade Centre Weighted Total column the Weighted Total value will not calculate correctly.

Grading settings

Note: if Grading Options is clicked a checkbox labelled Enable Anonymous Marking will be revealed. This checkbox is purposefully disabled and does not affect this workflow. Further guidance on DMU’s recognised anonymous assignment marking process can be viewed here

5. Assignment availability settings

Setting the Availability

You may enter the number of attempts allowed:
If this is set so that students can submit multiple attempts – each attempt that the student submits will be available to view through the Grade Center (each submission does not overwrite the previous submission).

You may also set date and time restrictions, track the number of views, set the due date and choose whether the assignments is accessible to each individual student, or to a particular group of students on your course

6. When you have completed all of the information, click the Submit button.

7. An assignment submission link will now appear in the content area.

Students submitting their assignments

1. Students can submit their assignments in Blackboard using the assignment submission link in the content area in which you created the assignment. Once they have selected the assignment link they will be presented with a page that displays the ‘Assignment Information’ which can include your instructions, the due date and any files that you may have attached. Students can then ‘Browse’ and locate the file on their computer that they wish to submit. There are options for the student to add comments to each file they upload.

2. Once the student presses the Submit button, the submission process is complete, and they cannot make any changes to their submitted work. If they might want to make changes, or upload additional files, they should click Save as Draft at this stage and can then later submit their assignment once complete.

To view all attempts submitted by a students: in Grade Center locate the student under the correct Assignment column, hover your cursor over the ‘cell’, click on the arrow icon and select ‘View Grade Details’. You will then be presented with a screen where you can view all attempts submitted by the student. More information on grading student assignments through Grade Centre


Q: Why would I want to keep my assignment from being visible?
A: If you do not finish setting up your assignment in one sitting, as it were, you will need to delay the accessibility of your assignment until you have completed setting it up.

Q: What happens if I do not choose a Display After/Until Date and Time?
A: If you do not click on the Display check boxes, your assignment will be visible for as long as your course is available.

Q: How do I attach a file to my assignment?
A: From the course area in which the assignment is located, click on the arrow icon next to the assignment title and select Edit. Go to Section 2 – Assignment Files and browse for the file(s) that you wish to attach. When ready, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Submit button.