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Assessment Tools

Create a Test – add a test or quiz to your Blackboard course
Create a Survey – create a survey in your course
Manage Pool of Questions – create a pool of questions to use in tests
Create an Assignment – create an assignment/assessment in a content area which allows students to upload, save and place their assignments into the Grade Center
Create a Self/Peer Assessment – create an area in which students can assess their own and/or each others work


Create a Turnitin Assignment in Blackboard
Use a rubric for assessment feedback in Turnitin
Use a Grade Form (marking grid) for assessment feedback in Turnitin

Evaluation Tools Evaluation is an area within the Control Panel that allows you to keep track of students progress. Tools include:

GradeCenter –  track student progress, provide feedback to students, download grades to your computer – even create reports.The Grade Center is the page where all of the grading and calculating takes place.
Performance Dashboard – The Performance Dashboard tool provides a window into all types of user activity in a course or organization.
Tracking Report – The Course Reports feature allows instructors to view the overall usage, usage in specific content areas, usage by specific groups, and usage within discussion forums of a particular course.

Online Video Tutorials 

Create a test videolink

Test the question finder featurevideolink

Exporting and importing a test or surveyvideolink

Uploading questions from MS Excel videolink

Create a fill in the blank questions videolink

Create a short answer question videolink

Create a matching question videolink

Create a true/false question videolink

Adding an existing question to a test videolink

Create a calculated formula question videolink

Create a calculated numeric question videolink

Create an essay question videolink

Create a fill in the blanks question videolink

Create a hotspot question videolink

Create a jumbled question videolink

Create a likert question videolink

Create a multiple answer question videolink

Create a multiple choice question videolink

Create an ordering question videolink

Create a quiz bowl question videolink

Tagging questions for reuse videolink

Creating a random block and adding it to a test videolink

Advice for students taking the test online videolink

Manage Surveys

Reading survey results videolink

Reading survey submissions videolink

Blackboard Assignments

Downloading assignments videolink

Clean out graded assignment files videolink

Performance Dashboard

Performance dashboard videolink

Grade Center

Customising the GradeCenter view videolink

Creating smart views videolink

Creating a grade rule videolink

Viewing grade details videolink

Anonymous grading videolink

Creating grading notes videolink

Creating a grade center report videolink

Creating a grading rubric videolink

Grading assessments question by question videolink

Viewing and downloading grade history videolink

Colour code the grade center videolink

Working offline with the grade center videolink