This section concerns how to add teaching and learning content to your Blackboard shell using all of the content creation and management tools that are available in Blackboard, which includes: customising your course, using the the course menu, methods for adding and using different forms of content (documents, files, images, audio, video, PowerPoint presentations, etc.), ways of communicating, ways of collaborating, and the use of assessment tools (including Turnitin).

  • Global Navigation Menu and My Blackboard
    Access your Blackboard course and ‘My Blackboard’ which consolidates information from your courses
  • Using the Course Menu
    The course menu contains the main navigation links to content in the course, it can be found on the left-hand side of your Blackboard course page.
  • Working with content (adding/editing)
    Course Content Areas are used to organize all Course content materials. This section offers guidelines on the use of most of the tools, processes and procedures concerned with adding content to your Blackboard course.
  • Ways of communicating
    There are a number of methods that you as a tutor can communicate information to your students through announcements and email from your Blackboard course.
  • Ways of collaborating
    In Blackboard  there are a number of ‘tools’ that facilitate collaboration work within your Blackboard course, these can include a discussion board; dedicated group spaces; and blogs and wikis.
  • Assessment tools
    Blackboard offers effective assessment tools from tests to surveys which can be embedded in your Blackboard module. These have advanced options to allow for effective feedback and can also be linked to the in built Grade Center in Blackboard.  Surveys with a wide range of question types (akin to tests) can be embedded too.  The ‘Assignment tool’ also offers support for receiving student submission and a mechanism for you to give individual feedback. We also have Turnitin (leading anti-plagiarism detection tool) integrated in Blackboard.
  • Customise your course
    Customization allows Instructors to control how they present their Courses in Blackboard. Customization settings include the style of the Course pages such as colour, layout, background, and adding banner images to your course home page.
  • Further Course Tools