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Watch the 2 videos for this guide

a) Creating the Welcome page:

Download a transcript.

b) Finalizing the Welcome page and Blackboard menu:

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  1. In Blackboard, navigate to the Module shell and Ensure Edit Mode is ‘On’.

2. Click on the little ‘+’ sign at the top-left of the left-hand menu, and select ‘Content Area’.

3. Type the word ‘Welcome’ into the Name field and select ‘Available to Users’.

4. Click Submit.

5. A link to the new Content Area, now titled ‘Welcome’, will now appear at the bottom of the left-hand menu.

Use the double-arrow icon to drag this new menu link to the top of the left-hand menu.

6. Click to select your new ‘Welcome’ content area from the left-hand menu.

7. Then click the Build Content option.

8. From the Build Content dropdown menu, select the Create>Item option:

You will now be presented with a Content field which you can edit, and in which you can create your welcome page.

9. Open the Module shell template Word document.

10. Using the mouse or the ‘Ctrl + A’ keyboard shortcut, select the entire contents of the document and copy it (using the ‘Copy’ button or ‘Ctrl + C’ shortcut).

11. Paste the copied content into the Content field in Blackboard:

NOTE: If prompted, select to keep or preserve formatting during the paste process.

12. Using the mouse, select the ‘Welcome to the School of insert school name’ text and set this to Heading style:

13. Overtype any orange text with the specifics relating to the school and Module that the shell is being prepared for:

NOTE: As instructed, ensure that the list of menu items is described accurately, and that this list is amended to accommodate any additional or hidden menu items. Please remove the orange text.

14. Click Submit.

15. Under Course Management, click on Customization>Teaching Style:

16. Change the Course Entry Point to the new Welcome page:

17. Click Submit.

18. Click on Add Content and select Content Area:

19. Type the word ‘Assessment’ in the Name field and select Available to Users:

20. Click Submit.

21. Repeat steps 18-20 to create another new Content Area named Discussion.

22. Using the double-arrow icons, re-order the links to match the order of the descriptions on the Welcome page.:

NOTE: To hide any of the links from the student view, select the link’s Edit icon and click on Hide Link.

23. To see the student view, turn the Edit Mode off.

[Updated: 11 August 2022]