blackboardThe Blackboard Course Creation Toolkit offers detailed, step-by-step guidelines concerning how to:

  • setup a Blackboard course
  • enroll staff and students on the course
  • create/edit/build teaching and learning content in the Blackboard environment
  • manage content in the Blackboard environment
  • setup and effectively utilise communication and collaboration tools such as blogs, wikis, discussion boards and journals
  • setup and effectively use assessment tools (including Turnitin)

There are two sections:

Course Management Tasks
This section concerns the initial process of setting up a Blackboard course, which includes: how to request new courses from ITMS, how to enroll staff and students onto your course, copying your course across form one year to the next, student induction information, where to get support for your use of Blackboard, and how to report Blackboard problems.

Content Creation and Collaboration Guidelines
This section concerns how to add teaching and learning content to your Blackboard course using all of the tools that are available in Blackboard, which includes: customising your course and the course menu, methods for adding and using different forms of content, ways of communicating, ways of collaborating and the use of assessment tools (including turnitin).