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To set up a Blackboard community shell you will need to request one from ITMS.

Email the request to the ITMS service desk ( Include the phrase Blackboard Community Shell in the subject line of the email, provide a name for the community shell, and the name(s) and username(s) of the staff member(s) who need to be enrolled on the community shell.

ITMS will then contact your Faculty ELT Project Officer to approve the creation of the site. Once approved, ITMS will email you when the site has been created.

Community shells appear in the My Communities panel on the Blackboard landing page.

my communities panel

NOTE: A community shell is not linked directly to the staff and student database, so any staff or student enrolments on a community shell will need to be carried out manually by whomever has ownership of the shell, as follows:

  1. In the Community Shell – from the organisation management menu select Users and Groups > Users

users menu option

2. Click the Find Users to Enroll button

Displaying the full list of enrolments

3. Add the Username of the person you want to enrol – multiple users can be added by separating their username with a comma + space (e.g. jbloggs00, bjoggs00, jsmith00).

If you want the user to have the same access privileges as a student in a normal module shell set the role to Participant.

enter user name option

If you want the user to have the same access privileges as an instructor on a normal module shell set the role to Leader.

select role button

4. Click the Submit button, and the user(s) will be enrolled on the community shell

Community shells can be populated with content in exactly the same way as Blackboard module shells.

Community shells can be set to allow staff and/or students to self-enrol on them.

To set the Community shell as a self-enrol community

1. In the Organisation Management panel of the Community shell, click Customisation and select Enrolment Options

enrollment options link

2. In the Organisation Title and Description Panel – select the Self-Enrolment option and then click Submit.

self enrollment option

The process by which staff and students self-enrol on a community shell can be found at: