support The following checklist outlines some of the basic, generic things to look out for when setting up your Blackboard materials for the coming academic session.

There may be some things on the list that may not be relevant to you.

DMU does have a Blackboard Module Shell Policy in place; please ensure you are familiar with the policy requirements outlined here (login may be required).

Things to check in your Blackboard Shell:

Programme leaders:

  • Check that any new staff are familiar with how Blackboard is used, and specifically within your programme/course/modules
  • Signpost new staff to the [ELT online induction]
  • Check that any new staff are aware of upcoming ELT workshops [Upcoming CELT workshops]

Module leaders:

Teaching staff:

  • Copy DMU Replay recordings from the previous module into the new module [How do I do this?]
  • Check that you are enrolled as an instructor on the correct modules [contact the appropriate module leader if you are not]
  • Check that all of your teaching materials (if copied across from last year’s module) are present and correct
  • Check that all external hyperlinks in the module shell are functional
  • Check that all links to attached files (PDF, PPT, Word doc, jpg, etc.) in the module shell are functional
  • Check that any links to, or embedded multimedia (e.g. YouTube videos) are/is functional
  • Set-up GradeCentre if necessary
  • ‪Ensure you have your ELT support contact details to hand [Contact details for CELT]

Further Help is available to assist on Blackboard Course Management Tasks as well as Blackboard Course Creation Toolkit – How do I?

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