Blackboard tests created in blackboard can be marked anonymously in Blackboard’s GradeCentre. As blackboard tests allows for a variety of question types and this includes essay type questions, as with the options described above, for anonymous marking students would need to be advised that they do not include their name in in their submission but add their student P number for identification.

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Creating a test in Blackboard

Points for consideration:

Response feedback to questions that are auto-marked (that is ‘correct/incorrect feedback’ if you have set these options) will be displayed to the student as well as the score for such questions. If you have added question types which require you to manually mark (these include the short answer and essay question types), students will be notified that these need marking. For tests with both auto-marked and manually marked questions, students will need to be informed when their overall grades and feedback is available.

Question types (for example essay type question and short answer) which need marking will be indicated by a ‘Needs Marking’ icon needsgrading in Blackboard’s GradeCentre.

On setting up the ‘Test options’ at the point when you are adding the test to a content area in Blackboard please note the following:

importantFor anonymous marking staff should set the test option for a single attempt. The other options, namely ‘Multiple attempts’ may cause confusion; for example, if a student submitted three attempts, her submissions will be presented in a random order and will not be linked together in Blackboard. When marking anonymously all attempts are viewable for marking and Blackboard will not display the latest test attempt for a student, each submission will be displayed as if it is from a separate student.

Marking Blackboard Tests Anonymously

important  Before marking, it is advisable that the ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’ columns are hidden in Blackboards GradeCentre. When you begin marking anonymously in Blackboard’s GradeCentre you are presented with submissions in a random order with student identity hidden. If you don’t have these columns hidden you will need to mark all submissions in one go, if you ‘Save/Exit’ marking half way through the Blackboard GradeCentre will reveal which students have been marked and those that are outstanding. Having these columns hidden allows you to mark in batches and not in one go. It is also advisable to wait for all submissions to be submitted before marking, i.e. waiting until the due date has passed.

importantStaff need to be aware that when marking anonymously using Blackboard GradeCentre tests that students can view feedback instantly through ‘My Grades’ (unless there are some question types that ‘Need marking’) therefore tutors need to consider marking all tests in one go. You can hide the appropraite column in the Blackboard GradeCentre to students and reveal this when youre marking is done.

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importantGradeCentre randomises the whole list of submissions each time you go in irrespective of what has already been marked

To mark tests anonymously in Blackboard:

1.    Log into Blackboard and navigate to the appropriate module shell

2.    Access ‘Grade Centre>Full Grade Centre’

3.    Identify the column in the GradeCentre that represents the test to be marked

Note: the ‘File submission’ question type has been used for the remaining steps in this workflow

4.    Select ‘Grade Anonymously’ from the contextual menu options as revealed in the column header menu

5.    Download the file for marking in whatever way you wish (print and write on it or mark electronically using a graphics tab’, comments in Word, or produce an audio file to be uploaded – anything)

6.    Return to Blackboard  and add points as desired

7.    Type feedback in ‘User feedback’ box and attach any annotated version of the file, or audio file (or anything) you may wish and click submit

8.    Staff member must not navigate away from Blackboard GradeCentre during the marking process to ensure continuity (right grade/feedback for right student submission)

9.    Once all submissions are marked you can can review in Grade Centre

next_sectionThe following screencasts provide additional infornation on how the Blackboard test can be graded anonymously. For specifc DMU guidelines on anonymous marking of tests please look in the title “DMU anonymous marking guideines for tests“.

Video iconusing Blackboard to set anonymous grading 

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DMU anonymous marking guideines for tests

FAQ’s on Anonymous Marking and E-assessment

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