Anonymous Marking (AM) for all summatively-assessed coursework is being rolled out across DMU beginning September/October 2013. This can be managed via a paper-based cover-sheet or curriculum teams may wish to opt-out of AM after talking to the Chair of their PMB. There is no requirement for staff to manage AM through e-assessment. However, there are three on-line solutions available for staff who are currently using Turnitin or Blackboard for e-submission of coursework, for instance by submitting first-year text-based work to Turnitin, or for staff who are thinking about developing strategies for e-submission or e-assessment.

The CELT team have mapped the on-line workflows for AM. There are three technological solutions based on either Turnitin or Blackboard. Although it might be assumed that Turnitin is the most appropriate solution, you might also be interested in the possibilities opened-up by Blackboard for on-line submission of coursework.
Click on a solution below to see the guidelines and instructions concerning implementation and use.

1. Turnitin and the new plug-in, GradeMark – this allows instructors to mark submissions anonymously directly in the Turnitin application, and includes the ability to electronically annotate student scripts submitted via Turnitin (a similar process to using Track Changes on Word documents), and record up to 3 minutes per paper of audio feedback.

2. Blackboard Assignments (including the use of GradeCentre) – for submitting/marking essay-type assessments

3. Blackboard Tests (including the use of GradeCentre) – for creating/marking summative online tests and quizzes

Please pay particular attention to the advisory information, identified by the importanticon.

documentYou may also wish to read:

 DMU policy on the use of eAssessment

 Some resources on Anonymous Marking and feedback that you may wish to use with your students.

 Some FAQs for Staff, including issues to consider around anonymous marking, eAssessment, and feedback through Blackboard.

             importantIf you have concerns/queries please raise these with your Chair of your PMBs, off-line anonymous marking (printed scripts) or opt-outs are also available.