This guidance relates to transferring handbooks quickly into Blackboard (also refer to end notes on this page).

The example below focuses on the Programme Handbook. The “Programme Handbook Guidance and Template” for 2022-2023 is currently located on the DAQ Website at this link

Once you have adapted and developed the handbook for your own contexts, you should  upload the handbook to the appropriate Programme site on the VLE.

Create a menu item for the handbook

In Blackboard, navigate to the Programme or Module shell and ensure Edit Mode is ‘On’

The first thing you need to do is to create a menu item called Programme Handbook.  To do so, Click on the little ‘+’ sign at the top-left of the left-hand menu, and select ‘Content Area’

Add content area

Copy and paste your handbook into Blackboard

The following steps are the best way to copy and paste the content, while ensuring that the links work well in Blackboard.

  • Go to the Programme Handbook content area you’ve just created.
  • In Edit mode, Select Build Content>Blank page
  • Change the title to Programme Handbook. Then Copy all of the content from your handbook, and paste this into the text box.
  • Note as you copy and paste in, select the option to ‘Keep Formatting


keep formatting

Click Submit to save.

Viewing the Programme Handbook: view the programme handbook in Student view (Edit mode Off).

Programme Handbook in Blackboard page

Programme Handbook in Blackboard


Displayed view of Programme Handbook

Programme Handbook

Programme Handbook displayed in content area


Note – There’s some flexibility with how you choose to display your handbook. Please ensure that any alternative formats are accessible.

For your module handbook: the purpose is to bring together concise information to orientate and inform students about the module.  For some information, you may choose, for example, to outline the essentials in the handbook, and then signpost to more specific information located on the VLE module site.

You can find suggested contents in the module handbook template on the DAQ Website at this link


*To display your handbook using Sway [see how-to save as Sway]

Please ensure that you have removed all annotation and guidance notes from the handbook. You can remove the pink boxes easily, by selecting the box and click X to delete.

Click here to download a modifiable version of this guide