Universal Design for Learning for new staff

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If you have not yet been introduced to Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as part of your induction you should contact your programme leader, module leader(s) or induction mentor and ask them about how UDL is implemented on your programme/module(s), and where you can get UDL training.

UDL is a core teaching, learning and assessment strategy that underpins undergraduate and post-graduate learning at DMU.

For more information visit: http://lt2020.our.dmu.ac.uk/udl/1-udl-introduction/

To explore how to utilise technology as part of UDL visit: http://celt.our.dmu.ac.uk/elt-and-udl/

If you want to further exlore how you might utilise technology to implement UDL into your curriculum, contact your local ELT project Officer who will be able to discuss and advise.