Launching a Collaborate session

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To launch a Collaborate session requires a Launcher Application to be downloaded and installed on your computer. This is a free download. Once the App has been installed you will not have to install it again to access Collaborate sessions.

The download and installation process varies depending on your web browser. Select the appropriate instructions from the list below:

nextLauncher instructions for the Internet Explorer web browser

nextLauncher instructions for the Firefox web browser

nextLauncher instructions for Mac users

Collaborate is not currently supported by the Google Chrome browser

importantThe launcher software is updated periodically – if you receive the following message when launching collaborate


Follow these guidelines


Launcher download instructions when using Internet Explorer browser

Click on the session link that you were emailed by your tutor OR navigate to the Content Area in Blackboard where the Collaborate session link has been deployed.

1. Click the Collaborate link


(be patient as it can take several seconds for the Room Details panel to appear)

2. Click Join Room – there is no need to click the download launcher option


3. If you have not used Collaborate before the message below will appear. Click Download Launcher.
[If you have previously installed the Launcher skip to step 11]


4. You can ignore the Install the Launcher panel.


In the message at the bottom of the screen click Run


5. The launcher application will begin to download


6. When downloaded the following message may appear. If it does, click Run


7. Close the Install the Launcher panel


8. When the Launcher Setup Wizard appears click Next


9. Click Install


10. Click Finish


11. In the panel that appears at the bottom of the screen click Open (NOT Save)


12. When the security warning appears, click Run


13. In the Blackboard Collaborate panel:

A – if you are accessing the session from a DMU on-campus computer set the connection speed to LAN and click OK

B – if you are accessing the session from an off-campus computer/or device set the connection speed to Cable/DSL and click OK


The collaborate session should now launch…. 🙂

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