Blackboard Collaborate Interface – Interaction and participant tools

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Interacting with students (participants).

The Bb Collaborate participant list and chat windows

There are a number of tools that the participants can use to interact with you (the Moderator) and vice versa. Firstly, across the top of this panel you will see a row of icons that may look familiar if you are au fait with using emoticons and/or emoji’s.

Interaction icons

The first icon  provides an opportunity for participants to provide feedback on the presentation style and pace as well as expressing an emotion. Participants can click this icon and select from the list of pre-set indicators to show the Moderator how they may feel or express approval or disapproval.

The Bb Collaborate emoticons

The second icon is used to inform the rest of group that you are going away from the session. If clicked, the word ‘Away’ appears next to the participant in the participant list.

Away from the room

The next icon is the ‘Raise Hand’ button. Participants will click this should they wish to ask a question. Questions can be asked in a variety of ways (using the Chat function, in audio or by video) but this icon signals the intent that a participant wants to ask a question. Once clicked, the participant will show with an icon next their name in the participant list.

A raised hand

Following the question being asked and answered, the moderator can cancel the raised hand by hovering over the participant in the participant list and clicking the ‘Open the participant options menu’ button.

The Open Participant Options Menu button

This will present a list of options and interactions that the moderator can enter into with the participant – one of which is the ‘Lower Hand’ option. Clicking this will cancel the raised hand status.

Lowering a participant's hand

The final icon is the ‘Respond to poll’ button. This button is used in conjunction with the polling and quiz tools that are built in to Blackboard Collaborate and is used by the participants to respond to the question that is being asked.

The Bb Collaborate respond to poll button

Next, for each participant in the room, as you hover your mouse pointer over them you will see a number of icons (including the ‘Open the participant options menu’ icon) next to their name.

The Bb Collaborate participant permissions icons

Using these icons we can give individual participants the following abilities in the room:

  • Show their video camera feed;
  • Allow their audio to be heard;
  • Use the text based chat tool;
  • Annotate the virtual whiteboard;
  • Sharing applications or their desktop with the room; and
  • Take the other participants and the moderator on a web tour.

Alternatively, should you wish to grant all participants the same permissions and abilities within the room, these icons also appear above the participant list (next to the words ‘Main Room’) and these can be used to grant global permissions and abilities for all participants in the room.

The Bb Collaborate room permissions icons

Finally, moderators and participants can use the Chat tool to talk to each other and ask questions. Participants ability to use the Chat tool is dependent on the settings described above but assuming all participants are able to use the Chat tool they can type text based messages here either for all people in the room to see or they can use this tool to send messages direct to specific individuals.

The Bb Collaborate chat window

The moderator and participants can also tailor the Chat window by way of font size etc. by clicking the ‘Open the options menu’ button at the top of the Chat window.

The chat options menu button

This will reveal a new menu where we can also send an announcement to the room and change the general behaviour/options for participants using the Chat tool such as turning off the ability to use the emoticons in the Chat window.

The Bb Collaborate chat options

As a moderator, staff members will also see the ‘Moderators’ tab toward the bottom of the Chat window. Clicking this will open a new Chat window that is only visible to moderators in the room.

Accessing the moderators chat window

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