Make a DMU Replay video available in two or more modules

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To make a Panopto video available in two or more modules, you will need to make a copy of the original video and then move the copy to the other module(s) folder(s). As follows:

Part 1 – Copying a recording

1. Navigate to and log in

2. Locate the recording that you want to copy into a different module

3. Hover your cursor over the recording and click Settings

4. Click the Manage tab in the panel that appears

5. In the Copy session section, click Copy (a message will pop up asking if you are sure that you want to copy the session – click OK), the recording will be copied

replay copy4

Part 2 – Moving the copy into a different module folder

6.Click the Settings button in the copied recording

replay copy5

7. Click the Overview tab

replay copy6

8. In the Folder section click Edit

replay copy7

9. Click the Folder menu

replay copy8

and from the drop down list select the module that you want to move the recording in to

replay copy9

9. Click Save

replay copy10

The copy of the recording will now be available in the specified module. Repeat the process if you want to copy the original recording into more modules.

Links to the copied recordings can be added as normal in Blackboard