Hiding grades from students using the Grade Centre

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Grades can be selectively hidden from students via the GradeCentre. Also, Blackboard treats grades and feedback in TESTS as two separate items; therefore hiding the feedback in the test options is not enough to prevent students receiving their grade upon completion of the test.

To hide grades; click on the grey button at the top of the column and select Hide from Students (on/off)

Hiding a column from the student view

warningIMPORTANT NOTE: If there is a Total column in your GradeCentre, you MUST hide this from students also as they will be able to see a running total of their marks even from columns that you have hidden.


To hide the Total column:

1. In the full GradeCentre, click on the grey button at the top of the Total column and select Edit Column Information


2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and set Show this Column to Students to No


3. Click the Submit button


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