Making Audio Recordings of Lectures

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Making Audio Recordings of Lectures

Mark Scase
Allied Health Sciences
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences


Mark offers a brief commentary on his experiences of making audio recordings of his lectures.


Video transcript

I often find that students request that they can record my lectures. This is sometimes because students have specific learning needs or because they want to have a record for their own personal use.

It turns out that sometimes I find that when I’m giving lectures I have 5 or 6 recorders in front of me. So I decided it would be easier if I recorded lectures for students and then made it available to everybody.

After some experimentation I decided the best option was to use voice recorders. These are small, relatively cheap, and are very good for recording voice.

The way in which I use it is to place the voice recorder on the podium, this works fine for the way I present lectures.

Some people tend to walk around when giving lectures. If that’s you then you might want to use a lapel microphone, which will just plug in to the recorder.

I upload the recordings as mp3 to the VLE. I don’t edit them, so the recordings come out quite raw and rough. That’s quite deliberate.

I make the recordings available to all students, and I’ve found that the feedback from students is they like having these recordings. They often use them for revision purposes. And I’ve found that it doesn’t affect attendance at all.

Video Transcript in MS Word format

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