DMU Commons – examples of blogs and sites

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The DMU Commons or Our DMU is a blogging platform and social network that links together staff and students from across De Montfort University into one online community. The Commons is a shared place for the production of learning and research that is personally and socially transformative – connecting the social world of DMU to the resources, artifacts, networks and conversations that emerge from our thinking.

The sections below present a comprehensive cross-section of example blogs and sites from the DMU commons, many that are currently active and some historic. To view a list of examples for a particular area simply click on the section header to expand the list.

Projects and Research
Online Journals
Staff support and development
Personal blogs and profiles – DMU staff
Student support and services
Discussion and interest group spaces
Institutional sites
Information portals
Postgraduate Student sites
Undergraduate Student sites – integrated with their studies


Enhancing Learning through Technology (ELT) – Case Studies

The CELT Hub, which is located within the DMU Commons includes a section which presents a comprehensive series of case studies and other examples that demonstrate effective practice in the use of ELT at DMU. This is a dynamic space in which new case studies are added as and when they emerge from teaching practice.

To view a list of case studies for a particular area simply click on the section header to expand the list.

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
Faculty of Technology
Faculty of Art, Design and Humanities
Faculty of Business and Law