Sep 012008

The 2008 UCISA survey of Technology Enhanced Learning For Higher Education in the UK is now out. Its key findings can be seen on pp. 7-8, but those which interest me most include:

  1. “the rise to prominence of e-learning strategies”, which stands as a rider to the growing use of the term technology-enhanced learning;
  2. “Post-92 institutions have larger Education Development Units (EDUs) with greater numbers of academically-oriented support staff. Pre-92 institutions appear to provide more support locally suggesting a more devolved provision” – so we stand-out as unusual in the post-92 sector, with a very small, devolved team aspiring to empower staff to engage with new tools and approaches;
  3. “there is a vastly reduced range of VLEs and similar systems in use since 2005… The tools that have increased significantly in usage are those for podcasting, e-portfolios, assessment, blogs and wikis”;
  4. reward and recognition are issues for everyone; and
  5. “support, streaming media, mobile computing, podcasting and Web 2.0” are the new matters arising for HEIs.